Achieve Success with KLarity consultation

 The mission of KLarity is to provide actionable solutions for our clients with exemplary consulting services in order that both the individual and company are empowered to make positive changes so they achieve their desired end results.

Our vision is to be the expert source that individuals and companies alike go to for advice and instruction on how to improve their personal lives and professional working environment. Our consulting services include the following for individuals:

Our consulting services for companies and non-profit organizations include:

With an in-depth understanding of the requirements for creating and sustaining a successful business and a dedication to improving the performance of small to medium sized businesses, Kathi Lester founded KLarity in 2006. Her passion is two-fold: working directly with individuals to help them achieve the goals they set for themselves personally and professionally, and companies to tap into the strengths of their organization, see the possibilities and form solid action plans.

Kathi identifies key drivers early on, envisions solutions and then takes the necessary steps to bring forth effective results. Her “hands-on” approach combined with her proven track record of guiding sound decision making lead companies to choose KLarity.

KLarity’s strength is the ability to transform complexity into clarity.  KLarity’s passion is your success.